Academic Writing II, week 2: October 9th, 2015

I will post here some short articles that I recommend you read. I will post these on Monday, Oct. 12th, so please come back on Tuesday, Oct. 13th.

For more information about the book-launch event in Kyoto on Oct. 11th for the man who inspired British-born Kyoto-resident Venetia Stanley-Smith, please visit the publisher’s website:

The book is called 穴のあいた桶 and has sold more than 10,000 copies in Japan in 1 month.


  • Choose a topic for your “Persuasive Essay” and write
    • a hook
    • 3~4 arguments and counter-arguments and counter-counter-arguments

Today’s class

  1. Textbook p. 93 Practice 1. Answer questions 1~5
  2. P. 95 “Your Turn” – choose a topic from this list, or any topic you wish.
  3. P. 96 Practice 3.

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