Academic Writing II – week 2, October 12th, 2012

Venn diagram comparing whales and fish
Venn diagram comparing whales and fish

Today we did:

  • Freewriting 1: 5-6 mins, anything. Private writing (only you and me will read this, no other student)
  • Txtbk p71D, p72E.
  • Share your list of possible topics for a comparison-contrast essay with the students sitting near you.
  • Do Venn diagram exercise comparing the subject of p.73-4 practice 3
  • Choose a topic and start freewriting or making a Venn diagram (10 mins ) about it
  • Share your diagram/freewriting with your neighbours (10mins):  give them some comments, questions, advice, suggestions about their topics, and ask them to give the same to you.
  • You will get feedback from other students several times during the process of writing your comparison-contrast essay
  • Freewriting 2: about today’s class. Your thoughts, feelings, questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, anything is OK. This is private writing.


freewriting  (10 mins)  on why you chose this topic, and the purpose of your comparison-contrast essay.

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