Academic Writing II, week 14: January 16th, 2015

We have 2 more classes this semester. To pass this course, you MUST attend the last class, January 23rd, and do the timed essay.


None. Next week will be the last class and you will write your third essay, a timed essay, under test conditions in class.  Anyone absent on Jan. 23rd, and any student who has not written three final essays this semester must attend the makeup class on Friday Jan. 30th.

Today’s class

  1. Textbook p. 152, Practice 16, proofreading.
  2. Exchange timed essays with classmates and read.
  3. Write a title for your essay. It should be not too broad (“Japan”, “Life”, “Sports”) and not too detailed (“A discussion of whether or not the drinking age in Japan should be lowered from 20 to 18”), but should tell the reader what to expect. E.g. “Drinking age in Japan should be lowered”. This tells the topic (drinking age in Japan) and the author’s opinion (should be lowered). The reader now knows this essay will be arguing for lowering the drinking age in Japan.
  4. Most Western countries use the adversarial system in law. This concept is extended to the British parliamentary system, and most people believe it is a good way to learn the truth. Hence, freedom of speech is important because it is only by hearing different (including opposing) points of view that people can develop their own, accurate opinion.
  5. Exchange your “for and against” arguments (last week’s homework) and read your classmates’.
  6. Choose a topic from the list on page 154 “Your Turn” and write a 30-minute timed essay.

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