Academic Writing II, week 11: December 11th, 2015


None. Take a break. Hang loose. Chill out.

Chill out!
hang loose!
hang loose!

Today’s class:

  1. Sample academic reading #7 (We read up to the first image).
  2. (A link to the original New York Times article is in the Sample academic reading #7, also here:
  3. Before reading, you need to understand the expression “fire in a crowded theater”
  4. Answer these questions:
    1. Does this article use paraphrasing or direct quotes?
    2. How many paraphrases or direct quotes can you find on this page?
    3. Which does the author give first, his opinion about gun control or a quote from the original (New York Times) article?
    4. In which paragraph does the author tell us the article he is responding to?
    5. What does the author do in paragraph 6?
    6. What is an analogy? What analogy does the author use?
  5. Write a timed (30-minute) essay on this topic: “Certain kinds of weapons… must be outlawed for civilian ownership. ” Discuss.
    1. The textbook suggests on p. 154 the following timings: 5 minutes thinking and outlining, 20 minutes writing your essay, 5 minutes proofreading and final check.