Academic Writing II – week 1, October 5th, 2012

This semester, we will use the same textbook, starting from chapter 3.

I have cut up my textbook. I scanned it onto my iPad. Now I don’t need to bring the actual textbook. I did the same with the teacher’s book (with the answers).


  • did some freewriting
  • looked quickly through chapter 3,
  • and we read the model essay,
  • read another model essay about a girl deciding which camera to buy,
  • freewriting 2: about the differences between the two essays
  • freewriting 3: comments about today’s class (the readings, the writings, anything you like).


Start a list of possible topics for your comparison-contrast essay. Bring the list the list to class to share with other students.

  • Over the next few weeks, think about what you would like to know, what you are genuinely interested in.
  • Do not be satisfied with just “something for teacher”.
  • The essay topic, and the essay you write, should have a value for you, personally.


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