Academic Writing II, week 1: October 3rd, 2014


Read the sample essay on pages 90-91 of the textbook.

Today’s class

  1. Free writing (6 minutes, then editing time)
  2. Characteristics (rules) of academic writing
    1. Use correct format
    2. have at least 5 paragraphs
    3. logical order
    4. avoid using personal pronouns, especially I, you and we.
    5. avoid using contractions, such as e.g. and etc.
    6. avoid using contractions such as I’ll, they’re, won’t, isn’t, and so on.
  3. Re-write your free writing.
  4. Essay-writing points
    1. Define your terms: do your readers need some background information?
    2. Have a clear purpose for your essay, and state that purpose early on, ideally in the first paragraph.
    3. Use facts and figures
    4. Give references to show where you got your facts and figures from.
    5. Give value to the reader.
    6. The reader is not interested in you personally.
  5. We read the first and last paragraphs of the model essay on pages 90-91.