Academic Writing II, week 1: October 2nd, 2015


  • Read the sample essay in chapter 4 of the textbook.
  • Write arguments and counter-arguments for one of the following topics:
    • Joining a club
    • nuclear power
    • accepting refugees

Today’s class

  1. Free writing
  2. Editing
  3. Making writing more academic.
    1. use objective facts
    2. use the 3rd-person
    3. avoid subjective matters.
  4. Practice: how could you express “hot” in a more objective way?
  5. 10 mins. Write about some topic, in the 3rd-person. Try and make it objective and academic.
  6. Arguments and counter-arguments. To make your persuasive essay more persuasive, include counter-arguments. Counter-arguments take the opposite point of view. Then you answer those counter-arguments. E.g.
    1. travelling abroad
      1. arguments
        1. “traveling broadens the mind”
        2. stimulating
        3. breaks the boredom of every day
      2. counter-arguments
        1. but it’s expensive!
        2. but it’s dangerous!
        3. but I only eat Japanese food!
      3. Now, answer those counter-arguments. E.g.
        1. travel to a nearby Asian country, not an expensive country far away. There are plenty of interesting things to see in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bhutan.
        2. Travel in a tour group, rather than alone. THat’s safer.
        3. Take Japanese food with you! Also, if you travel to a big city, you can probably buy some Japanese food there.


11 thoughts on “Academic Writing II, week 1: October 2nd, 2015”

  1. This class was so interesting.
    In this semester, I want to study AW harder than in last semester and do my best.

  2. I am not good at writing a persuasive essay because I cannot keep on writing any more when both alternatives have serious problems which cannot be solved immediately. In such a case, I think it is impossible to decide completely objectively whether problem should be avoided. One fact can be an evidence of both sides’ opinion. Do you have any solutions to overcome this dilemma?

  3. In the first semester, I learned what is academic essay.

    I want to improve my writing skill through this class.

  4. Thank you for last class. I want to develop my writing skills in this semester. I’ll use some letters for my friends living in foreign countries.

  5. I found difficult to express words like “hot” and “sunny” in an objective way. I realized the importance to practice thinking in a third-person point of view. There are many scenes that we must talk or explain in an objective way. I think the lessons in this class will become useful in my future. I will do my best in this class.

  6. I want to write better essays than those of last semester. So I will study academic writing harder.

  7. I thought it was difficult to write something objectively.
    What we usually think or talk with our friends are often subjective.
    I would like to express what I want to say correctly and objectively.

  8. I haven’t written English for this summer vacation, so i felt a little difficult to do free writing. I’d like to brush up my English in this course.
    I’m uneasy about the essay which we have to write in the 14th class, because I usually spend a lot of time to write a essay.

  9. The last class impressed me so much. In this semester I want to improve my writing skill more than last semester.

  10. I’m poor at writing my opinion briefly and logically, so in this semester I’ll practice hard to be able to overcome those weak points in addition to study about the general forms of academic writing.

  11. I think this is a weak point for everyone. I suggest reading a lot, especially contrary opinions.

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