Academic Writing II (AW2): week 2, October 14th, 2016


  1. Watch this video and list the evidence provided to support the argument: Click here to watch the video on YouTube 
    1. What do you think?  Include your opinion of the evidence. Leave your opinion in the comments below.
  2. Write 3 arguments and counter-arguments for
    1. unrestricted gun ownership
    2. legalizing all drugs.

Today’s class

Textbook exercises p. 92 Practice 1.

Arguments and counter-arguments for holding  the 2020  Olympics in Tokyo

Choose a topic from “My Turn”, and do a 5-minute freewriting about the topic.


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15 thoughts on “Academic Writing II (AW2): week 2, October 14th, 2016”

  1. The video creaters dealt mainly with physical issues as the evidence. But, they didn’t remark on mental, social, and cultural issues. So, they should consider this in terms of gender.

  2. The video shows that Michelle is a man because she has man’s ring finger, shoulder and physical proportion. It also shows some pictures and scientific researches to prove that. However, in my opinion, these proofs are not enough to say Michelle is actually a man. First, the video says that men’s ring finger is longer than his index finger and women’s are not. Then I looked my and my mother’ fingers and we both have men’s traits. So that’s not always true. Second, it is said that Michelle’s shoulder is surrounded by muscles. Then as a refutation, what about women athletes? Doesn’t is depend on how a person is trained? Third, the video shows that Michelle is 8 heads tall which is the trait for men. But a lot of women fashion models are 8 or even 9 heads tall. As I mentioned above, the traits showed on the video are not only for men but also for women. Thus that video does not clearly prove that Michelle is a man.

  3. This video says that Michelle Obama is acutually a man and her hands and sholder and body propotion have some features of men. I disagree with their idea because what they said is only about her body. I think that the physical features is not only the thing which constructs womens body and there are many types of womens body. They should approach this from different angles like mental and so on.

  4. I was surprised because I’ve never wondered whether Michell Obama is a woman or a man. I’ve believed that she is a woman since I knew her but now I doubt whether Michell is really a woman after watching the video which has scientific data. But I think these data don’t apply to everyone so the judgement of the video is hasty.

  5. I do not know there is an idea that Michelle Obama is a man. However, the video on YouTube have a lot of physical evidence. I think some physical feature is not always fit for man, but there are puite a few evidences. So, I think it may convincing the idea that Michelle Obama is a man.

  6. The video said Michelle Obama is a man. But I don’t think so because these proofs are insufficient to say that. Finger length or physical proportion depend on people. So I think these things are not sure.

  7. The video said that Michelle Obama is man because she has some male feature. However, these evidence is not true, especially about the fingers. The video said that male ring finger is usually longer than index finger, but female ring finger is usually as long as index finger, or index finger is longer. Obviously it is not true. Because according to this opinion, my ring finger cannot be longer than my index finger but it is 1 cm longer than my index finger. Other physical evidences are not always true, too. Some woman, like athlete, have wide shoulder. The evidences in this video are insufficient to prove that Michelle is not woman.

  8. This video shows that Michelle Obama is actually a man and she has some physical features of men like finger, shoulder and body portions. I disagree with them because they mentioned only about physical features and they don’t talked about her mind . There are many type of women who has different features. So, they can not say that she is a man and they should say about mental things.

  9. I think that some of the evidences could be features of men. However you can’t say that Michelle is a male by only these evidences mentioned on the video.

  10. The video examined the theme "Michelle is man" by physical characteristic. In my opinion, there is some truth in that. However, this video creater don’t think about her (his?) mental aspect, and I have a question "What is the definition of woman?"
    The face and figure? Personality? The behavior look likewoman? There is no clear definition,I think.
    This is only my personal opinion; The children of Obama’s are adopted children. So, the possibility of "Michelle is man" is high. Though whether it is true or not, I think if they are happy,there is no problem.

  11. This video’s creater has a huge prejudice. Each person has different and various body forms ,so sometimes there may be ladies who have body like men. We can regard this video as a discrimination in a sense. A famous tennis player who was introduced as a lady who has big shoulder is a black. Michelle is also a black. Doesn’t this video make a distinction? A way of thinking to black people should be reconsidered in America.

  12. We can’t judge definitely someone to be a woman or a man by these characteristics of our body. It is not always true that women’s index finger is longer than thier ring finger. This is not the case with me.

  13. I disagree with the opinion that Michelle is a man. This video showed that men have longer ring fingers than index fingers and shoulders surrounded by muscles. However, l am a woman, my ring fingers are clearly longer than my index finger. My friend who belongs to a Japanese archery, she is a woman, has muscular shoulders.

  14. This video says that Michelle Obama is a man, and shows some proofs, for example, the length of ring finger, broad-shoulder and muscular neck. I think this video is doubtful because their data is not enough. They don’t show us statistic. Besides, the last of the video, they talked about the war, but it seems that it has no relation whether Michelle Obama is an woman or a man. I think they try to move our feeling by talking about it, and make us believe that Michelle is a man.

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