Academic Writing I, week 8: June 6th, 2014


Write the complete first draft of your problem-solution essay. Write it by hand or type it and print it out and bring it to next week’s class.

Today’s class:

  1. Sheffner’s principles of academic writing:
    1. the reader is not interested in you – avoid writing essays where you are the focus
    2. give value to the reader – a fresh point of view, a new or different insight, an original thought or idea, some new information of  interest or value to the reader, something funny or moving.
    3. write about universals, and avoid local topics – write about matters which are common to educated human beings everywhere. Essays such as “My Trip to Okinawa” or “How to do Bonsai” may be interesting, but no-one will read them!
    4. New!! Be as accurate and as truthful as possible – be careful with your statements. “Smoking causes cancer” means smoking always causes cancer, which is not true. Instead, write, “Smoking may cause cancer.”
  2. Read the blue paragrapn (Practice 5), p. 50.
    1. Which two sentences tells you the problem?
    2. Which sentence tells you the solution?
  3. Write your introductory paragraph.
  4. P. 54 F
  5. Read p. 56, B
  6. P. 58, C and Practice 10.
  7. Write the rest of your essay.

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