Academic Writing I, week 7: June 3rd, 2016


  • Read the Format checklist (download it here: Academic Writing checklist
  • If necessary, re-format your essay,  make any other changes you wish, print it out and bring it to class next week.
  • If you have not done so already, please email me your final essay as soon as possible.
    • Please use the following format for your file name: AW1_Essay1_Final_<Family Name>
    • Please send as a Word document (not pdf).

Today’s class

  1. Explanation of the Academic Writing format checklist  (download it here: Academic Writing checklist  )
  2. Look at the sample academic format paper (download it here: Sample essay format  ), then look at the example of a wrongly formatted paper
    1. There are 15 mistakes. How many can you find?
  3. How to investigate a topic
    1. Review of the approach (see last week’s class blog, step 4).
  4. Fact or Opinion? (Download the worksheet here: Fact and Opinion