Academic Writing I, week 6: May 27th, 2016


Today was the deadline for Essay 1. If you have not already done so, please email me your final essay.

Please use the following format for your file name:

AW1_Essay1_Final_<Family Name>

Obviously, replace <Family Name> with your own name. If your name is Yamada, please add your initial, as there are 3 Yamadas in this class.

Today’s class

  1. Common Errors (ownload and read the AW1 Essay1 Common Errors file here: AW1_Essay1_Common_Errors)
    1. Read the example sentences and re-write #13, #26, #32, #46.
  2. Explanation of non-sequitur logical fallacy ( 不合理な推論 )
  3. Mini-lecture: Origin of academic writing – the trivium (interestingly, there is no Japanese Wikipedia page for this entry; would you like to write one?
  4. Mini-lecture 2: how to investigate a topic – a model example
    1. Pay close attention to the actual words used
    2. Define the key words:
      1. If the original material has a definition, check it.
      2. If the original material does not have a definition, search for it yourself.
    3. What possible next steps could you take in this investigation?
      1. Define “virus”
      2. Investigate what exactly is the connection between the virus and microcephaly
      3. What other possible causes for microcephaly are there?