Academic Writing I, week 6: May 23rd, 2014



  1. If you did not hand in your essay today for some reason, email it to me without delay.
  2. Make a list of 10 problems that
  • are relevant to you personally
  • you have a strong opinion about
  • might be interesting for your academic reader

Today’s class:

  1. Free writing 1: free topic, 5 minutes
  2. Free writing 2: describe your imaginary academic reader
  3. In groups of 4~5, students read each other’s essays .
  4. Textbook exercises:
    1. p. 45 D and Practice 2
    2. p. 346 Your Turn and Practice 3
  5. Some suggestions from Sheffner for further reading:
    1. Any essay by Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)
    2. The essay collection “The Periodic Table” by chemist and Holocaust survivor Primo Levi (1919 – 1987)
    3. Capitalism and individualism are two closely related and vitally important concepts in Western civilization, and both of them are often not well understood even by Westerners. To understand these important ideas but without studying a lot of boring philosophy books, I recommend 2 novels by Russian-American writer Ayn Rand :”The Fountainhead” 「水源」for learning about individualism and libertarianism, and “Atlas Shrugged” 「肩をすくめるアトラス for learning about capitalism. I also recommend her non-fiction essays but I think only a few have been translated into Japanese. One of them is “Philosophy: Who Needs It”  and the Japanese translation is here: 哲学:誰がそれを必要とするのか?( (Here is a rather long and boring video review in Japanese about “The Fountainhead”): httpv://

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