Academic Writing I, week 6: May 22nd, 2015


None. If you did not hand in your essay today, email it to me today.

Makeup class for May 1st will be either July 11 or 18th (both Saturdays). If you have any preference, please let me know before next Thursday.

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Today’s class:

  1. In groups of 4/5 read each other’s essays.
  2. Textbook p. 29 “Hooks” – read.
  3. Conventions in English academic writing
    1. Conventions are rules like driving on the left side of the road.  Different countries/cultures have different conventions. They are neither better nor worse. There is no “correct” convention. It’s just a rule that everyone agrees to obey when they write academic English.
    2. One convention (in English academic writing) is that the main purpose or point of the essay should be clearly expressed in the first (introductory) paragraph, and developed in detail in the following paragraphs.
    3. Another convention is that the conclusion repeats the information in the introductory paragraphy and does not introduce any new information.
  4. Look again at your essay.
    1. Did you write a good hook?
    2. Does your introductory paragraphy include the thesis?
    3. Does your conclusion repeat the information in the introduction? A conclusion in English does not contain any new information (this may be different from Japanese writing conventions).
  5. Handout: which sentence does not belong in these two paragraphs?
  6. Re-arrange the sentences in this paragraph.