Academic Writing I – week 5, May 18th, 2012


College paper
College essay in MS Word
Don't forget double-spaced
Don't forget double-spaced!

Today’s report is by Ms. Ishihara. Today, we skipped the sections about outlining. I said that hardly anyone actually uses outlines. However, it may be useful to you to know how to do this, so I will go over this part briefly next week.

Today’s work

  1. We checked the homework.
  2. We did in the textbook chapter 1, section A, Practice 4 & 5 p.22,  section E, Practice 9, 11 p.27~28, section F, Practice 12, p.28~29.
  3. We read section E “Use transitions”, p.26~27.
  4. We corrected the errors and added more lines in our essay.


Re-write your essay (second draft) in Microsoft Word, and e-mail it to Mr. Sheffner, by Wednesday May 23rd, midnight (23:59).

Document titles and E-mail subjects are “AW Essay Ⅰ Second draft My Name”.

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