Academic Writing I, week 5: May 13th, 2016


  • send me an email
    • email me your essay draft if you did not give it to me in class today.
  • I will send you by email your essay draft #2 with some comments.
    • Read my comments, re-write your draft (this will be your final version) and email it to me.
  • Print out your final version and bring to the next class, May 27th (in 2 weeks’ time).

Today’s class

  1. Checked the answers to the Bloom’s Taxonomy quiz.
  2. Free writing: what did you read in English recently?
  3. Mini-lecture: the value of learning academic writing.
    1. Briefly, the value of studying academic writing is that you learn not to be tricked by other people’s propaganda, of which the world is full.
  4. Textbook, p. 4: find the thesis statement.
  5. p. 21,  A (read)
  6. p. 22 Practice 4
  7. p. 22 Practice 5 – write your answers on loose leaf.
  8. p. 24 D  (read).
  9. p. 24 Practice 7- answers on looseleaf
  10. p. 25 Practice 8 – answers on loose leaf.
  11. Write an outline for your explanatory essay (on loose leaf).
  12. Hand in your explanatory essay draft #2.

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