Academic Writing I, week 3: April 22nd, 2016

NB Next class (week 4) will be in 2 weeks’ time, on May 6th.


  1. Find something easy and interesting to read in English.
  2. Choose a topic and start writing your explanatory essay.
    1. Suggested topics:
      1. A social or other problem that affects a large number of people that you are concerned about
      2. A holiday or trip you took.
      3. A place, person or event that you have strong feelings about.
Today’s class:
  1. Returned wk1 writing
  2. Free writing: about something you read in English recently.
  3. Textbook p2 A what is an essay?
  4. P3, essay format
  5. P4 practice 1.
  6. P6 C
  7. P7 practice 2
  8. Characteristics of academic writing
  9. Bloom’s taxonomy comment.
    1. Bloom’s taxonomy is a pyramid. The idea is that human thinking starts with knowledge, information. Then it progresses upwards towards more and more complex and sophisticated thinking processes. However, these sophisticated processes are impossible without the lower levels. E.g. analysis is not possible without knowledge (level 1) and understanding (level 2).