Academic Writing I, week 13: July 10th, 2015


Make-up class will be Sat. July 11th, 5th period (16:10 – 17:40) in the same room (21).


  1. Re-write your problem-solution essay, as per my instructions, print out and bring to the next class.
  2. Choose a topic for your comparison-contrast essay (a list of suggested topics is in the textbook p 72 “Your Turn”, but you may choose another topic if you prefer), write your outline (see textbook p. 78 E) and bring it to the next class.

Today’s class

  1. Class survey
  2. Syllogisms:
    1. Socrates:
      1. If all people die, and
      2. if Socrates is a person, then
      3. Socrates will die.
    2. gun control laws
      1. If gun control laws become stricter, and
      2. if criminals do not care about laws, then
      3. criminals will not be deterred by stricter gun control laws (and therefore the problem of gun violence and mass shootings will not be solved by this policy).
    3. Body cameras for police. Complete the third line:
      1. If police must all wear body cameras, and
      2. if police who shoot unarmed civilians are not prosecuted, then
    4. Minimum-wage law.   Complete the third line:
      1. If the minimum wage is increased, and
      2. if profits do not increase, then
      3. businesses will…
  3. Textbook, p. 70 C (read) and p. 71 Practice 1
  4. P. 73 E and Practice 3.
  5. P. 76 D and Practice 6 and 7.


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