Academic Writing I – week 12, July 6th, 2012

problem solution
problem solution

Today, we continued working on our essay #2, the problem-solution essay.

In the textbook we read the following pages and did the following exercises:

  1. p. 55 Peer Feedback Form – give your draft to your partner and ask him or her to comment on your essay.
  2. read page 56. Writers can learn some useful techniques from marketing and marketers.
  3. Page 57, Practice 9. Write your answers to 1,2 and 3 on looseleaf paper.
  4. Page 57, Your Turn – read and then read your essay again. Make changes if necessary.
  5. Page 58, C Think Critically – read then do practice 10 (answer directly on your textbook).
  6. Page 59, Your Turn – read your essay again and make changes if necessary.
  7. Write your 2nd draft. Finish for homework.
  8. Page 60 – Hedging.
  9. Page 61 – Practice 11 and 12. Answer directly on your textbook.



Finish your 2nd draft:

  • Save your document as “AS_Essay2_2nd_draft_YourName.doc(x)”,
  • email it to me by Wednesday,
  • print it out and
  • bring it to class next Friday

    problem solution road sign
    problem solution road sign



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