Academic Writing I, week 11 : July 1st, 2016

Makeup announcement

Makeup class will be held on Saturday July 2nd, same room as usual, same time as usual.


  • Type your problem-solution essay. Print out and bring it to class next week. If you are absent next week, email me your essay as soon as possible. Document name = “AW1_Essay2_draft#2_Name” (without the “”).

Today’s class

  1. Maim idea worksheet
  2. Review of cartoons: describe the picture.
  3. Textbook p. 56 B: involve your reader
  4. Textbook p. 56 C:
    1. avoid sweeping statements (一般的言明)
    2. be careful and accurate in your statements.
  5. Write an outline for your essay.

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