AW2 week 9, December 2nd, 2016


Write a response essay to any one of the following essays. It must be typed with correct format. Print it out and bring to class, and also email it to me.

  1. The “privacy” essay by Penenberg in the textbook appendix.
  2. The “Homework” essay in the textbook appendix.
  3. The “Violent Video Games” essay in the textbook appendix.
  4. Trump’s “America First” speech: trump-foreign-policy-speech
  5. George Washington’s Farewell Address (just the highlighted  foreign policy parts): washington-farewell-address

Today’s class

  1. Discussion of subjective judgements vs objective facts, using a worksheet of sample sentences from student responses. Download the worksheet here: subjective-vs-objective-worksheet
    1. In academic essays, avoid purely subjective, personal opinions, unless you can support them with objective facts.
      1. E.g. “His ideas are old-fashioned.”
        1. If you use such a statement in an academic essay, you must
          1. give an objective definition of “old-fashioned”
          2. show how the writer’s ideas are old-fashioned using examples from the original.
    2. Textbook: practice paraphrasing, quoting and citing
      1. p. 120 Practice 5
      2. p. 121 Practice 6
      3. p. 123 Practice 7.

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