AW2 week 8, November 25th, 2016


Write a simple 5-paragraph (or more)  response  essay to this video clip below.

  1. Your introductory paragraph must include a short summary of the episode, the main lessons it teaches about English study and about life, and whether you agree with those lessons or not and why.
  2. The other paragraphs should deal with the main lessons that you select from the video.
  3. Use the English subtitles for quoting directly from the video, or use paraphrasing.
  4. Finally, cite the original source. The URL is
    1. Use this format for the citation but without the parentheses:  “(Name of video).” YouTube, uploaded by (name of uploader), 6 June 2016 (date uploaded), (URL, see above or visit YouTube).

Today’s class

  1. Review homework.
  2. Read the sample “response” essay and answer the questions below. The essay is a response to reading “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. (click the links to read more. Click here to read about Walden in Japanese and here to read about Thoreau in Japanese)
    1. What is the theme of “Walden”?
    2. Does the writer think Thoreau achieved his goal?
    3. What is the subject (topic) of the long paragraph 2?
    4. How many reasons does the writer give for his opinion?
    5. Do you notice anything else about the essay?
  3. Textbook,
    1. p 120-1 Practice 5
    2. p. 121 Practice 6 (#1~#3)
    3. p. 123 Practice 7 (#1~#3).

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