Academic Writing II – week 14, January 17th, 2014

Next week: we will write the final timed essay in class. This will be essay #3.  All students must complete 3 essays to pass this course. Students absent on this day will automatically fail the course. We will also read each other’s timed essays and my selection of  student essays #2, and do some final free writing.


To those students whom it may concern:

  • finish writing the following essays (which were due a looong time ago, by the way) and bring them to the next (final) class. I will not accept essays after next Friday, Jan. 24th. I am not coming to KPU again after this date. Nor will I accept emailed essays after this date.
    • your timed essay
    • essay #1 (persuasive essay)
    • essay #2 (response essay)
  • bring to next class all your free writings for this semester

Today’s class:

Timed essay revision

  1. p. 148 Practice 12
  2. p. 149 practice 13
  3. p. 149 Your Turn – edit your own timed essay, checking for irrelevant information and adding any important ideas.
  4. p. 150 A – read, and do practice 14
  5. p. 151 practice 15, and Your Turn – edit your essay for runons.
  6. p. 152 Practice 16 – find the mistakes and make the corrections directly on your textbook.
  7. p. 152 Your Turn – do the same for the 6 items listed on that page.
  8. p. 152 practice 17 and Your Turn – add a title to your timed essay.
  9. Hand in your completed and corrected time essay.

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