• Write essay #5, draft #1 – personal response essay (no evaluation)
    • You can use the essays in the Appendix of the textbook (about homework and video games), or any book, article, essay, movie, etc (in English or in Japanese) that you have strong feelings about.
    • The purpose is to inform readers about the work (book, article, essay, etc) and to tell them your response to it, and why you feel that way.
    • In this first draft, you are not trying to make the reader agree with you.

Today’s class

  1. Parallelisms (download the worksheet here: On parallelism )
  2. Chapter 5 textbook p. 114 Practice 1, #1, #2, #5, #6.
  3. Two kinds of response essay:
    1. Personal response (no evaluation, no recommendation)
    2. Response + evaluation / + recommendation
  4. Annotated student essay – for your reference (this is not a response essay).  Download it here: Annotated_Student_Research_Paper_MLA
    1. Notice the in-text citations and the bibliography and the formatting.
  5. Sample response essay (no evaluation or recommendation). Download it here: Sample Essay 5 – 1 Founainhead
    1. Make sure you tell the reader the name of your original article or book or whatever, in the first paragraph.
    2. Summarize truthfully, accurately and briefly, the original.
    3. Give your response (no evaluation, no recommendation).

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