AW2: week 4, October 27th, 2017

Next class will be Nov. 10th (no class Nov. 3rd) and the classroom will be 69.


Write draft #3 of your persuasive essay (essay #4). You may choose either of the two view-points you chose for drafts #1 and #2. You may change subject if you wish. However, please remember

  • to make your subject controversial
  • to define your terms
  • to support your claims with evidence (if necessary, provide a reference for your source)
  • that your personal opinion alone is not an argument – you must support it with evidence and explain how the evidence supports your claim.
  • to let me know  which kind of feedback method you prefer me to use for you personally in future.

Today’s class

  1. We have been asked to change classrooms: from November 10th our classroom will be 69, which I believe is in building #6.
  2. General comments for all students:
    1. Define your terms – you must define the meaning of any and all key words you use in your essay.
      1. E.g. one essay on nuclear power included many mentions of “eco-friendly power generation”. The essay must therefore include a clear definition of the meaning of “eco-friendly power generation”. This definition must come near the beginning of the essay.
  3. I have used 2 different ways to give feedback:
    1. comments scribbled directly on student papers, explained orally in 1-to-1 conferences in class time
      1. the disadvantage of this is that I cannot always speak to every student within the 90 minutes, and
      2. students may not understand either my spoken explanations or my written comments
    2. Therefore I have preferred to use a computer program which lets me write my comments as well as categorize errors.
      1. The disadvantages of this method is that
        1. the software is designed to correct only grammatical mistakes, but most student difficulties are in the areas of logic and rhetoric, and
        2. because the software is designed to correct grammatical mistakes, the student’s paper becomes covered with  lots of  red highlighting, which may discourage students when in fact most of the grammatical mistakes are minor and unimportant for communication.
  4. Today I proposed a third method which I call “Black-Blue-Red” where
    • Black is student’s original writing
    • Blue is instructor’s version
    • Red is instructor’s comments/explanations

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