AW1: week 12, July 7th, 2017


  1. Check your email after the weekend. I will send you my corrections and comments by email attachment.
  2. Read my attachment, review your notes from Friday’s class.
  3. Re-write your draft (this will be Essay2_Draft2).
  4. Print out and bring to class.
  5. Finish writing up the Facebook claim and counter-claims (if you did not finish in class).

Today’s class

  1. Worksheet on claims and counter-claims (download it here: AW1_Lesson5_worksheet
  2. Worksheet on Facebook’s drone plan  (download it here: Four billion people on the earth have no internet
  3. A claim should be
    1. debatable, controversial, arguable
    2. provable (i.e. there should be evidence to support it)
  4. An argument must include at least one counter-claim.
  5. Textbook p. 60 Hedging
    1. Avoid sweeping statements (which cannot be proved) such as
      1. (All) student put off till tomorrow what they should do today.
      2. This solution will help everyone.
    2. P. 61 Practice 12
    3. P. 62 Practice 13 (on looseleaf)
    4. P. 63 Practice 14
    5. P. 63 Practice 15 (on looseleaf)
  6. Write up a claim and counter-claim (at least1) for the Facebook article. Your claim should begin, “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg …. ”
    1. If possible, include a refutation for the counter-claim.

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