I have an iPhone 4s. Since Apple rolled out a new operating system for iPhones and iPads (iOS 7), my phone’s performance has deteriorate step by step. What are those steps? Let me count them!

  1. Wifi worked intermittently, then stopped altogether. I no longer even bother trying. When I went to my cell-phone provider about this, I was told, “Oh, yes, this happens a lot.” And that was it! There is nothing they can do about it, no workaround or other solution. Oh, wait. There is a solution: buy an iPhone 5! Thanks but, no thanks.
  2. For a while almost all the apps I regularly use (which all soon upgraded so as to work with the new iOS7) were not working well: they were slow, often crashed or froze completely and the only solution was to delete the app then re-install it. Some of them are still slower and “buggier” than before the “upgrade” to iOS7, including Evernote, even though it keeps coming out with upgrades (the latest one came out today, approximately the 5th since iOS7 rolled out). I realize this is not merely an Apple problem, but still… it’s just another nail in the coffin!
  3. I used to be able to easily copy photos taken on my iPhone over to my pc. iTunes offers an automatic “sync”,  of course, and this still works (sort of, see below), but this sync is uselessfor my purposes because the photos are copied over to the pc in a proprietary iPhone format, so you can’t open that folder and send these photos to others, or print them out or in fact do anything useful with them.
    1. I just want to be able to do what I used to do with my photos. Prior to iOS7, when I plugged in my iPhone, as well as iTunes starting up a window would open up asking me if I wished to copy the photos on this device over to my pc (along with various other options, such as just viewing the photos). This window no longer pops up automatically. In fact, it does not pop up at all.
    2. Great. So now I have many photos on my iPhone, but no way to make use of them other than just viewing them on my iPhone, or perhaps emailing them to others (except there’s the problem of sending messages or emails with large attachments, which photos usually are).

And then today, I read this, which although it did not convince me to abandon my iPhone, certainly encouraged me to decide to choose some other kind of phone in future, not an Apple phone. When I go to upgrade my phone, I want an upgrade, not a downgrade to something that works less well than before.

I also refuse to give my fingerprints (and God knows what other personal data) to all and sundry by purchasing an iPhone5. So, next upgrade it’ll be bye-bye, Apple. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSJqBJ1TF-E’]