TSW (The Secret Weapon) is a GTD (Getting Things Done) system that integrates Evernote and Outlook for capturing and processing work, i.e. actionable items. The website has clear and detailed videos on how to set this up.

For actionable items, I’d been using Dan Gold’s suggestion of “!Next” and “!!Today”. Then after watching TSW’s videos, I changed to the 5 levels of “Now”, “Next”, “Soon”, “Later” (and “someday”), but working with these today, I decided they were too vague, so I’m experimenting with “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This week”, “Next Week” and “This month”.

I’m not teaching at present, but am preparing for when classes restart next month. There are things that need to be done this week, and others that cannot be done until later this month, and yet more that cannot be done until after April 1st.

TSW has ways of tweaking his ToDo lists using the date the Evernote was created. If I can understand how this works and it’s not too time-consuming, I may use that. In the meantime, I’m going with my own version of his “ToDo”, “when” tags.

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