I’m on holiday. Here’s where I went today, a journey of the heart, as well as the mind. I found beauty that needs no words to introduce it. Indeed, no words can do it justice. Enjoy.

  1. Did you know the U20’s women’s soccer World Cup is now in progress? Check’em out:
  2. Here’s a cracker from a few years ago:
  3. Picture: Portrait of a Young Girl by Pietro Antonio Rotari
  4. The music starts but the camera shows you scenes around and in the concert area before and during the concert, before zooming in on the musicians on stage. I found the response of the crowd very moving. A commenter noted that the tabla player is the father of Zakir Hussein, also a tabla player, who has played often with John McLaughlin and Shakti.
  5. 15 years later, Ravi Shankar played at the Carnegie Hall with Zakir Hussein on tabla. (Actual performance starts at 12:28 mark.) Words fail me.
  6. Concert for George Harrison, 1 year after his death.