I’m posting the comments below because there are so many bloggers and journalists writing articles that are simply fanning the flames of panic. While the nuclear power reactor situation is very serious and could get worse, it is important to have information that allows you to take reasonable action and make informed decisions.  I believe it is also important to have knowledge that allows you to interpret the information coming from the media. As with almost any subject, if you were hoping to learn how nuclear reactors are built and what “meltdown” actually means, just from watching the telly, you would probably still be waiting!

If I lived within 50 kilometres of the nuclear reactors, I would have moved away by now, simply to beat the rush. Some folks within the 20 kilometre-radius evacuation area around the stricken nuclear reactors at Fukushima were unable to evacuate before the order to stay indoors came. http://newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/87995.php 

But nuclear scientists said the earthquake had highlighted how Japan’s power stations were robust.

Professor Paddy Regan, a nuclear physicist at Surrey University, said: ‘We had a doomsday earthquake in a country with 55 nuclear power stations and they all shut down perfectly, although three have had problems since.

‘This was a huge earthquake, and as a test of the resilience and robustness of nuclear plants it seems they have withstood the effects very well.’

via  The Daily Mail (UK)