A colleague of mine is Australian and just got back to Japan from there before they locked the gates, so Australian news about Covid-19 catches my eye. Here’s one by Steve Sailer:

Australia is a country of 25 million with a couple of big cities and it had a lot of travel back and forth with China. But its coronavirus stats are remarkably non-alarming:

What is Australia doing right?

The comments are also intelligent (mostly) and illuminating (not everyone agrees with Steve’s hopeful outlook), and sometimes humorous, like Sailer’s blog posts. Here’s one I liked, in response to Steve’s question of “what happens to old people in Australia?”

“I’m going outside, and I may be a while”.


Here’s Steve speculating on whether BCG vaccinations might have an effect on susceptibility to Covid-19, quoting a medical article: How to Use Immigrants to Study Whether BCG Vaccine is Advantageous.

And speaking of ventilators, here’s a comment on ventilators (Sailer’s post is in response to article claiming old white men are hogging all the ventilators in NY): “Anyway, the good news is that ventilators aren’t in short supply most places. The bad news is that in part that is because they don’t work as well as expected at saving lives. But in turn, the good news is that doctors seems to have discovered some low cost work-arounds, like laying on your stomach, that seem to work at least as well.”

Anyone know what “low cost work-arounds” he’s referring to?