Another great tip from DocumentSnap Paperless blog. This is for folks who use the Fujitsu ScanSnap and its associated software, ScanSnap Organizer. When Brooks says “use a highlighter”, he means a physical highlighter – this is clear in the video but not in his blog post – and you have to highlight the phrases you want on the document BEFORE you scan it. I don’t know if this works with a digital highlighter, e.g. in Adobe Acrobat.

The ScanSnap Organizer software that comes with all Windows Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners has an interesting feature that I’ll bet not many people have noticed: you can use keywords in a PDF to automatically file your documents.

You can either assign keywords to your PDFs manually, or use a highlighter and have the ScanSnap recognize them, but once you do, you can use Distribute By Keyword to create rules and then have them sort the PDFs into cabinets and folders.

via Use ScanSnap Organizer Distribute By Keyword To Automatically File Your Documents | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog.

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