TEPCO has still not been able to determine from where in the tank the radioactive water is escaping. The container is 12 meters in diameter and 11 meters high, built of steel plates held together by bolts.

TEPCO has collected 4 tons of the [300 tons of] leaked water, and said most of the remaining water likely seeped into the ground.

But TEPCO also said Wednesday it detected 6 millisieverts per hour of radiation inside a drainage channel not far from the tank, possibly indicating some of the leaked water entered the gutter.

The channel connects to another drainage channel which leads to the sea.

A low concrete wall exists near the tanks to prevent leaked water from spreading, but TEPCO left open drain valves attached to the wall, thinking that would make it easier to detect leaks. The valves are now closed.

via 2013/08/21 22:38 – Highly Toxic Water Leaked From Tank Could Have Flowed Into Sea.