From Amnesty International:

UK Justice & Security bill - act now!This is a call to action if you are a British voter.

The statue in the picture above sits on top of the Old Bailey courthouse in London. She is often referred to as Lady Justice. The picture is from Amnesty International UK’s campaign to protest the upcoming Justice and Security Bill.

Here’s the meat:

In 2001, UK resident Omar Deghayes was abducted in Pakistan and illegally transported to Guantánamo Bay. He spent six years in detention and says that during that time, he was threatened, beaten and tortured.

At one point he reports being questioned by British interrogators. He told them about the torture and appealed for help – but it never came.

When Omar was finally released without charge and returned home to the UK in 2007, he had a lot of questions. The first – why me? – was partially answered. It appears his ordeal may have been down to a case of mistaken identity. Beyond that his quest for truth was met with silence.

How much did the British government know? What part did they play in his rendition? Who were the British interrogators? Why didn’t they respond to his appeal for help? These questions may go unanswered forever.

Truth for victims of human rights abuses – oppose the Justice and Security Bill

In direct response to a civil case Omar brought along with others alleging UK complicity in torture and rendition, the UK government introduced the Justice and Security Bill. If passed, it will give the government unprecedented powers to keep information – such as what UK officials know – secret, all in the name of national security. 

We have very little time – the Bill will be put to a Commons vote soon. If passed in its current form, it will deny victims of alleged abuses like Omar Deghayes justice and allow our representatives to keep us, the UK public, in the dark about human rights abuses committed in our name.

Take action: make sure there is justice in the Justice and Security Bill

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