This article makes a welcome change from the articles and posts denigrating those foreigners who fled Tokyo or the country early on in the disaster. I like the title: I think for Japanese people, the word “tomodachi” (friend) neatly expresses the opposite of “flyjin”.

Divers and crew from the Tortuga have been removing debris and wreckage from the sea bottom so Hachinohe Port in Aomori Prefecture could reopen to large ships.

The vessel left Sasebo Naval Base in Nagasaki Prefecture just four hours after the earthquake hit on March 11.

Six days later, it took on about 280 Self-Defense Forces personnel and 100 vehicles at Tomakomai Port in Hokkaido and transported them to Ominato Port in Aomori Prefecture, shuttling them onshore via the LCU. The divers then went to work helping reopen Hachinohe Port.

via U.S. Navy a good ‘tomodachi’ / Ship springs into action right after quake, crew works tirelessly : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri).