This stuff could be floating around for a long time, ebbing back and forth across the Pacific. Yuk.

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I’m reminded of the beginning of J.G. Ballard’s novel (and movie), “Empire of the Sun”, where the coffins float down the river, bump against ships, and break open … Anyone for a swim in Hawaii?

Can’t find that particular clip, but here’s the trailer for “Empire of the Sun”. I’ve shown it to Japanese and Chinese students. It’s a slice of history that ties China, Japan and Britain together. It stars a dynamic young Christian Bale (later played Batman). The theme song that plays at the beginning and in the trailer sounded vaguely Chinese (to my unfamiliar ear) but it’s in fact a haunting Welsh song, Suo Gan. A very good Spielberg movie. One of those movies that bear repeated watching.

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And here’s the choir of King’s College singing Suo Gan:

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