Interesting and lively discussion in the comments to this Japan Today article about a large number of Japanese lawmakers opposing the TPP free trade agreement. So, that means they’re against free trade. Enuff said, no? The comments have the usual mix of complete ignorance with vague economic savvy.

I think self-sufficiency in food is a myth. If pursued to its logical conclusion, it will likely lead to a severe drop in the standard of living and in the availability of food, or to war. Or both.

The following is a complete non-sequitur. It has nothing to do with the above. Don’t know why I put it in, really. I wouldn’t read it, to be honest.

[The state conducts] a policy of popular discrimination — a policy, that is, of bribing some people into tolerating and supporting the continual exploitation of others by granting them favors — and secondly, through a policy of popular participation in the making of policy, i.e., by corrupting the public and persuading it to play the game of aggression by giving prospective power wielders the consoling opportunity to enact their particular exploitative schemes at one of the subsequent policy changes.