Well, it is Hallowe’en, so I’ve underlined the scary part to make sure you get the shivers.

Japanese Prime Minister Noda offers vague promise.

 Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda Japan on Friday offered vague promises that Japan will help Europe climb out of its debt hole, but left himself a week to decide how Japan might augment its already hefty contribution to the EU’s bailout fund.

Noda told the Diet that Japan stood ready to play its part in stabilizing the eurozone as it struggles to get a grip on a two-year crisis that has threatened to derail the global recovery.

Japan has so far purchased around 20% of the debt issued by the European Financial Stability Facility, the continent’s bailout fund, and has indicated its willingness to buy more.

Klaus Regling, head of the EFSF, was in China Friday amid speculation that Beijing would come to Europe’s rescue, although he insisted there had been “no deal.”

Looks like the Chinese said, “she-she but no she-she”:

The head of the European bail-out fund dampened hopes Friday that China Would come to a debt-stricken EU’s rescue, but left the door open for a deal with the world’s second-biggest economy.