The name of this blog is “Searching for Accurate Maps”. The original inspiration for that name was something said by Catherine Austin Fitts: “we need accurate maps in order to plot a safe course in this world”, or something like that, that’s not an exact quote. But it caught my imagination and I thought how true it was: if you have an inaccurate map, that’s almost worse than no map at all.

Well, a couple of days ago, I came across this talk below (ignore the goofy photos that have nothing to do with the content of the talk), given a long time ago by a woman I’d never heard of. I respect the blogger who posted it so I thought I’d give it a whirl for 5 minutes or so. I ended up listening to the whole hour-long talk.

The lady is forthright and funny. At one point, her life, which was going down the toilet fast, took a turn for the better – she made a sensible, inspired choice, and found God. I’m not a Christian or a believer in any religion, but I found her talk absorbing and moving.

I’m not suggesting that Christianity is the map. All  I’m saying is that, it struck me that here was a person who was not searching for an accurate map, but who had found one, and was busy making her journey meaningful by using this accurate map. What is the use of searching for accurate maps if you do not find one and then use it?

Couple of great quotes: “when I look at the person I was, I feel I am looking at a Siamese twin. And one of us had to die that the other might live.”

She understood that one of the reasons we human beings are on this planet is to learn how to love. I can’t remember her exact words but it’s somewhere towards the end of her talk, after she found God.