And the arrogance and spiritual alienation of modern man…

And the hope and the possibility for us living today.

“… You can read the ancient Greeks about creativity and it still applies.”  (Tiago Forte in his first filmed interview).

Ram Dass on his journey from rich playboy, via psychedelic mentor to a real guru Baba Neem Karoli Love Serve Remember Movie | Ram Dass. This is a remarkable video. Ram Dass speaks with almost perfect clarity, all the more remarkable for being a) unscripted (I’m guessing) and b) after his stroke. The journey he describes in the first 5 minutes of this 20-minute video parallels my own in many ways, and perhaps parallels yours. The journey from the head to the heart. And how helpful another human being can be on that journey, especially someone who is rooted in that heart experience and yet who understands about the head and how it tends to pull you away from experience.

Take time to watch this undisturbed, on headphones if possible. At least the first 5 minutes.

Neither Ram Dass nor Baba Neem Karoli are with us any longer, but people like them are, and that experience is of course still possible for each one of us, while we’re alive.

Nic Askew is an unorthodox film-maker who interviews people, and somehow, in that time, the heart is touched. Has Nic understood what Ram Dass was talking about? Nic (by his own admission) has not read a book since leaving school. Has that hindered him, or helped him? Irrelevant question.

Nic calls them soul biographies. Here’s one:

Would you like an invitation? Here’s one:

Nic talks about his work, why and how in a couple of TED talks.