Gary North has a knack for finding media items – videos, commercials, emails from forum members, articles in professional journals or newspapers – and greatly adding to their initial value through his cogent comments, insights and creative suggestions. The link below is to an article that is an exception: in this case, Dr. North has found a TED video that is truly stunning and stands head and shoulders above any kind of commentary (even Dr. North’s, altho he gives it a run for its money). This video is entrancing and makes a powerful statement all on its own. Watching this, I felt the truth of the words of guitarist John McLaughlin, “The true language of the human spirit is music.”

You are about to see a video that will amaze you. I want you to view it. This will take 15 minutes. Do it on your own time. It isn’t going anywhere.

via The Remnant Sings!.