Venetia Stanley-Smith has become quite well known in Japan, thanks to numerous NHK programs about her and her house and herb-garden in Ohara, Kyoto. She has lived in Japan since 1975, a lot longer than I have.

I first met Venetia Stanley-Smith in the countryside in Kyoto in 1982. We have remained in touch on and off ever since, and have visited her in her Ohara home.

On her way to Japan from Europe, she met a remarkable boy named Prem Rawat in India. When she settled in Japan, she invited Prem to Japan to give talks. Prem Rawat has visited Japan regularly since that time, and is in Japan again now, this time to promote his book, ” Pot with the Hole 穴のあいた桶” which was published in Japan in September, and has already sold more than 10,000 copies.

Prem Rawat will be in Kyoto on October 11th at the Kokusai Kaikan to give a public talk (14:30-16:00). Tickets are available at the door. Please visit the website for details (the website is only in Japanese, unfortunately):

The price for students is just 1,000 yen, but there are some free tickets. I have some and I will be at the event. If you would like a free ticket, please contact me.