Speaking of taxes, Trooper Thomson writes on the Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights blog:

PFI: Labour’s gift to future generations
The Telegraph reports:

“Official figures show that, under Private Finance Initiative [PFI] schemes, British taxpayers are committed to pay £229 billion for new hospitals, schools and other projects with a capital value of just £56 billion. Several contracts are due to run for 60 years, documents released under freedom of information requests show, meaning taxpayers will be paying for the projects for generations to come. ”

Thanks Labour. What was that Mises said about socialism and economic calculation?

Hat tip: The Angry Exile

Mises? Who dat? Click to find out.
And what DID he say about socialism and economic calculation? He said it was impossible! Click to read more on the Mises.org website.

Or read Mises’ 1920’s monograph Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, for free, online, and kindly translated from the German for you. Plus it costs nothing except your time.