Evernote Essentials author Brett Kelly announces,

Friends and neighbors, I’m ecstatic to announce that the latest major revision of my best-selling eBook, Evernote Essentials, is available right this very second. I’m calling it “4.0″ and it’s the biggest and best version of Evernote Essentials yet.

via The best just got better: Evernote Essentials 4.0 is available now.

If you use Evernote (and many people do), check out this comprehensive and well written guide. It’s now available in a number of formats – including Kindle and iBook – usually for $29, but for a short time (and I truly have no idea how long) it’s available for $14.99

I promote a few digital products on this blog and on my website. (I get a small commission if you buy one of these from my blog.) The most popular one is Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials, a comprehensive guide to using Evernote. His latest version (4.0) is out now. I haven’t had time to look at it yet, but paperless guru and DocumentSnap founder Brooks Duncan has, and his short and sweet review is here.

Brett’s Evernote Essentials has saved me a lot of time, and taught me some neat tricks (such as how to locate all your notes with PDF attachments, or all your audio notes), and I’m veryglad I have his e-book to hand (of course, I keep a copy in Evernote so I can access it from my other iPad/iPhone or at work as well as at home) because some tricks which I only need to use once in a while, I forget in the interim (is it Alzheimer’s or just because I’m the wrong side of 50?).

I’m very much looking forward to reading this version. I always learn something new (or just as often, something I’d forgotten).

Click this link to read Brett’s own announcement.  You can of course buy Evernote Essentials from Brett, or you can buy it from me and get it at exactly the same price with the bonus of knowing you’ll be buying me a latte, and who wouldn’t want to do that!

Please note that this version shipped BEFORE the latest Evernote update (5) for Windows. Brett says, Evernote 5 for Windows shipped after Evernote Essentials 4.0 had “gone to press.” It’s not covered in this version, but I’ll have an update out soon that covers Evernote 5 for Windows. That update will be free to existing customers, of course.