TEPCO’S Fuel Removal from Unit 4 website has at long last been updated (mouse-tip to the ever-alert EX-SKF). EX-SKF blogs about SFP for reactor #3: they have begun to clear away debris, including the Fuel Handling Machine which was wrecked in the earthquake/tsunami.

814 out of 1533 fuel assemblies moved is now over half-way (53%, with another update due tomorrow).

EX-SKF also has a post about a local citizens group (called Umi-Labo) in Fukushima who recently hired a boat and approached the #1 and #2 NPPs from the sea and took samples of sea-water and the sea-bed and tested them for radiation. There is a  YouTube video report  and an article on the English-language Mainichi newspaper website.



  • Breakdown of transferred assemblies by kind
    • Spent fuel     792 assemblies/1,331 assemblies
    • Unirradiated New fuel22 assemblies/ 202 assemblies
  • Number of times of cask transportation:  37 times as of May.7,2014

Completion status of transfer will be updated every Monday.If the holiday falls on a Monday, it will be updated on the next working day

via TEPCO : Decommissioning Plan of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power.