In this video, Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, tells the story of how he founded the group and successfuly lobbied people around the world to make September 21st World Peace Day. Why 21st? Watch the video to find out. (To see Japanese or other languages subtitles, scroll your mouse over the bottom of the video screen below until you see this bar pop up, then make your selection from the 35 languages offered).



I also recommend the interview Jeremy Gilley did with Ambassador of Peace, Prem Rawat, as well as the four videos the Prem Rawat foundation made for this year’s International Day of Peace.

From the TED blurb: “Here’s a crazy idea: Persuade the world to try living in peace for just one day, every September 21. In this energetic, honest talk, Jeremy Gilley tells the story of how this crazy idea became real — real enough to help millions of kids in war-torn regions.”