Haven’t written about Fukushima for a very long time. People there are still living in “temporary” housing, the nuclear power plant is still being dismantled, the sunken radioactive cores have still not been salvaged, much land is still irradiated and closed to the public (and that includes the original inhabitants).

Here’s a short video by a tech group promoting their solution to one of the problems. I can’t comment on its efficacy, but I liked being updated about what’s happening there. It’s in Japanese with English subtitles. METER seems to be a US company. Some commenters are sceptical, but I see no contradiction in using technology to help clean up a technological disaster. Technology itself, like money, is neither good nor bad. It depends on how it is used: intelligently, with respect for the dignity and freedom of human beings? Or stupidly, in ignorance and without respect or understanding of what people really are? This video seems to me to document the former use.