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Over one in six Japanese want a geiger counter | 世論 What Japan Thinks

I subscribe to “Yoron What Japan Thinks”. This guy has gone to the trouble of translating into English the results of online surveys that deal with consumer and life-style trends in Japan, surveys that I wouldn’t couldn’t read in Japanese.

These statistics are interesting, but I also liked his comment on irresponsible journalism.

I suppose if I was intellectually bankrupt and just wanted to get hits for this story by getting spread to the more excitable corners of the web, I should have entitled the story something like “Four in five Japanese will DIE of STUBBORNNESS”, and indeed I wouldn’t be too surprised if it gets picked up anyway and repackaged with a similar scary line. Anyway, I believe that geiger counters are actually relatively difficult to use accurately, and for perhaps the biggest source of mostly unfounded worry, foodstuffs, they are pretty much useless, but yet I hear that people in Tokyo supermarkets do wave them over the veggie stalls. I wonder how they react to bananas and Brazil nuts?

via Over one in six Japanese want a geiger counter | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

If you haven’t yet done so, take a gander at his “about” page, which includes this gem which makes me think he’s British (the use of “git”, not the fact he’s anti-social!):

Are you really an anti-social git?

“Yes” is probably the most accurate answer, with a tacked-on “…but I’m getting better”.

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Email, maps and travel guides most wanted on foreign trips | 世論 What Japan Thinks

let’s have a look at this timely survey from goo Ranking into what uses Japanese would like to make of their mobile phones overseas.

via Email, maps and travel guides most wanted on foreign trips | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

No. 2 was “using maps to look up routes”. Can you guess what #1 was?

And here are some other recent surveys. They give an interesting glimpse into Japanese psychology, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

Continuing the foreign holiday theme, this time goo Ranking looked at when Japanese feel they are back home after overseas travel.

via When Japanese think they’re back home from overseas | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

No.1 is totally predictable.

The final summer holiday-themed survey for today is a look at what tough summer holiday experiences Japanese had as children

via How Japanese spent their summer holidays as kids | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

This one’s pretty depressing. Top of the list is “Was busy with club activities so didn’t have any free time” and “Was busy studying so didn’t have any free time” comes in at #4.  All work and no play and all that, so it’s not surprising that No. 2 is “was at a loose end every day.”

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Japanese society in 2011: part 1 of 3 | 世論 What Japan Thinks

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Citizens of this collectivist nation think their fellow-citizens are not civic-minded enough and need to have more of it pushed on them.  The politicians just got handed a gift with this survey.

Note the false dichotomy of question 3, ” Given the two opinions “One should focus more on country and society” and “Satisfying one’s personal lifestyle is a more important view””, which assumes that these two options are mutually exclusive. Are they, I wonder?

Between the 20th of January and the 6th of February 2011 10,000 people aged 20 or older selected at random from residency registers from all over the country were approached for interview and 6,338 people agreed to a face-to-face interview. 53.8% of the sample were female, 7.9% in their twenties, 14.0% in their thirties, 16.6% in their forties, 17.2% in their fifties, 23.4% in their sixties, 15.7% in their seventies, and 5.4% aged eighty or older.

via Japanese society in 2011: part 1 of 3 | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

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When Japanese want to be flyjin | 世論 What Japan Thinks

Jumping on the bandwagon, indeed! This survey has nothing to do with the recent earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear crisis. It is just a survey of homesick Tokyoites!

The title here is just a poor excuse to try to jump on the flyjin bandwagon, in this survey from goo Ranking into when people who’ve moved to Tokyo want to swiftly return back home.


Between the 23rd and 26th of March 2011 1,070 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-base questionnaire. 53.4% of the sample were female, 10.2% in their teens, 13.1% in their twenties, 24.7% in their thirties, 23.7% in their forties, 13.3% in their fifties, and 15.0% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

Q: After moving to Tokyo, when do you get that feeling that you want to swiftly return home? (Sample size=1,070)

via When Japanese want to be flyjin | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

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Over 90% of Japanese have donated cash for Tohoku|世論 What Japan Thinks

The latest survey reported on by iShare was a short look at actions to help towards revitalisation of Tohoku following last month’s earthquake.


On the first of April 2011 853 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 60.8% of the sample were male, 5.5% in their twenties, 47.5% in their thirties, and 47.0% in their forties,

If you haven’t given cash, or want to give some more, here is my usual list of charities. I personally think volunteering is the best way to help in the future, and it’s what I’d like to do most myself.

via 世論 What Japan Thinks.

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Japanese still support nuclear power | 世論 What Japan Thinks

Just a quick update tonight, a pointer to a post by ampontan regarding a couple of surveys recently conducted into nuclear power. The first survey from the Yomiuri Shimbun on April 4th was conducted between the 1st and 3rd of April 2011, and found that 46% supported continuing with the current level of nuclear power generation, 29% were for reducing, and 12% for the complete elimination of nuclear power.

via Japanese still support nuclear power | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

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Chivalry Japanese women would not appreciate | 世論 What Japan Thinks

Speaking of cultural differences, here’s a biggie: “chivalrous behaviour”.

Do you open the door for women in Japan? Do you force ladies to go first? Are you sure they appreciate your gallantry? If so, the results of this online poll might surprise you.

That people might have different values to us, we can accept. In theory. In practice, though, we often find ourselves piqued, if not outraged, that our values are not only not shared by others. “They must be wrong! Barbarians!!”

What? Japanese women don’t appreciate chivalry? No, they do, but not necessarily in the form most familiar to Westerners.

Are you chivalrous? Are you sure your chivalrous behaviour is appreciated?  Read the survey results and rate yourself.

To most (I hope…) Western men Ladies First and other chivalrous acts come as second nature, but in Japan what we take for granted is unusual or indeed embarassing behaviour for women to experience. This problematic chivalry was the subject of a recent survey by goo Ranking

via Chivalry Japanese women would not appreciate | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

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Had enough of your eco lifestyle?

世論What Japan Thinks has translated into English a recent online survey that asked people “Are you tired of your eco-lifestyle?” Note that eco here refers to both ecology and economising.

Is this the start of a backlash? Before you answer that, take a look at this instructional video on how to get the answer you want from a survey.

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