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While you were sleeping…

The 10,000th visitor came and went…
Thank you!!!! And here’s something for my readers because I don’t have anything to say right now: Sandra Bullock, who does romantic comedy just as well as Meg Ryan, and Bill Pullman.

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Spare us shoganai as we face an ominous spring | The Japan Times Online

“Shoganai” (also “shikataganai”) means “it can’t be helped”, and is used in the face of unavoidable imponderables or acts of God, but also used to refer to acts of man. This phrase is almost guaranteed to bring a snarl of annoyance and contempt from many Westerners, as it smacks of that terrible crime, fatalism. The article below is written (surprise, surprise) by a Westerner.

So as Japan rebounds and rebuilds, one multi-billion-dollar question that must be answered is this: In a society that is totally dependent on electricity and has become wedded to the notion that convenience is the backbone of modernity both now and in the future, how will Japan satisfy its energy needs in the decades to come? U ntil now, about 60 percent of Japans electricity has been generated using fossil fuels, while about 30 percent has come from nuclear power, and about 8 percent from hydro power. Other renewable sources provide only 2 percent.Eager to stabilize and reduce carbon emissions, and because fossil fuels, in particular oil and gas, will inevitably become less abundant and more expensive worldwide as time goes on, Japan has been aiming to raise nuclear power generation to 40 percent of its overall power-supply mix.

via Spare us shoganai as we face an ominous spring | The Japan Times Online.

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東日本大震災、発生から1週間 「阪神」の死者数超える  :日本経済新聞

東日本大震災、発生から1週間 「阪神」の死者数超える 犠牲者6539人、不明者も1万人超

via 東日本大震災、発生から1週間 「阪神」の死者数超える  :日本経済新聞.

From the 1 week after the earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan, the number of deaths has just exceeded the toll of the Kobe earthquake (1995) at 6,539. More than 10,000 are missing.

From Wikipedia: Approximately 6,434 people lost their lives (final estimate as of December 22, 2005)

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British news: migration

“It’s been too easy to get into this country in the past and it’s going to get harder,”

said a UK immigration minister, according to this BBC news article. The article contains a link to an interesting map showing “total numbers of Eastern European migrants in each local authority who registered for work between May 2004 and December 2007.”

The issue seems to be getting a lot of play in various newspapers and media. I wonder what’s behind this? The obvious answer is the recession (digression: a recession is when your neighbour loses his job; a depression is when you lose yours). It could certainly not be that there are others at work behind the scenes, taking advantage of the present situation to further an agenda of increased border controls and more rigid surveillance of the population. No, siree!

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