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Problems with OneNote

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OneNote is cool, fairly easy to use, once you set it up. But I just ran into a problem.

Evernote syncs seamlessly with all the gadgets you’ve installed Evernote on (iPad, work computer, home computer, etc). I tried to do the same with OneNote. I’ve got my notebooks setup to sync with my notebooks on SkyDrive, but for some reason my work computer wouldn’t let me connect. I was surfing the web and checking email just fine, so I did have an Internet connection. What the…?

Damn. Computer Centre was closed so tech help will have to wait till next week.

I could login to my SkyDrive account, tho, and I could have manually added clips to my online OneNote notebook, but I’d run out of time, and decided to give up.

I was looking forward to seeing if I could use OneNote’s SkyDrive sync to also sync my Outlook tasks on home and work computers, but the glitch prevented this. I’ve been looking for ways to sync my Outlook categories, without signing up for Microsoft Exchange (or whatever they call it these days), but I’m reduced to taking screenshots of my home Outlook categories and emailing them to myself at work.

I also miss the facility to record notes on my cell-phone then email them to Evernote.

Was I being productive while learning all this? Actual productivity time was, I estimate, 1/3.

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OneNote vs Evernote

I’ve been such a happy camper with Evernote that I’ve used up my monthly upload limit (60MB), and Evernote kindly asked me if wanted to go premium. I think I will, but not just yet. The main reason I want the premium service is not so much to raise the monthly upload limit from the measly 60MB to 1GB but more importantly to allow me to have offline folders, which means I’ll be able to see the contents of my notes on my iPad2 even when I’m not connected to the Internet, which is most of the time, as I only got the Wifi version, not the 3G one. Not being able to see note content is a real pain as I increasingly use the iPad2 as my portable computer.

So. I’ve reached my Evernote limit (can’t upload any more notes, tho you can edit existing notes as long as you don’t change the notebook the note is in), but I still have stuff to clip and note (believe it or not), so, what on earth can I do? Well, obviously, the answer is to try out OneNote which was so interestingly written about over here.

(Aside: I watched Daniel Gold’s youtube video, and when I saw a screenshot of his Evernote setup, I realized for the first time the Read the rest of this entry »

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Evernote, Simplenote, Dropbox and more

Don’t have time to write now right now but I want to bookmark these pages which look very useful.

Gotta run.

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