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Passwords and passphrases – upgrade your password security

I recently upgraded my password security after reading an Intercept article about passphrases vs passwords. The skinny: passphrases are better when it comes to something like a master password, or for locking or encrypting a local folder or drive, but for individual websites, random passwords generated by a password generator (such as LastPass) are quite […]

How do you remember your passwords? Here’s a neat trick

Update 17 Sep, 2017: Eric at Cloudwards emailed me recently to tell me of an excellent article on this subject that really covers a lot of ground. It’s long but worth the read if you’re concerned, or even just interested, in the security of your passwords. And if you’re not, maybe you should be: My […]

Facebook: “you can check out but you can never leave…”

Mouse-tip to Marketing Japan for pointing this out. I don’t really like Facebook, can’t figure out how to use it. Plus it’s annoying to see so much stuff I don’t want to see on my page. The most interesting view, I found, is “The Wall”, but that doesn’t come up by default, and when I […]